Podcast: Sheel on 20VC - Who Will Be The Winners and Losers in VC in the Next 10 Years?

About This Episode: Why Fund Sizes Should Be Smaller, Should Founders Also Have Their Own Funds, Is Emerging Markets Investing Gone, Is Fintech Investing Dead & Who Will Be The Winners and Losers in VC in the Next 10 Years

Podcast: Sheel on 20VC - Who Will Be The Winners and Losers in VC in the Next 10 Years?
Originally published by our friends at The Twenty Minute VC here.

Sheel Mohnot is a Co-Founder and General Partner @ Better Tomorrow Ventures, a $225M fund that leads rounds in pre-seed and seed-stage fintech companies globally. Sheel and Jake (his co-founder) invested for many years together before founding BTV and wrote checks into Mercury, Flexport, Ramp, and Hippo Insurance to name a few. As for Sheel, before BTV he ran 500 Fintech for close to 7 years, and before that was a founder, founding two companies, both of which were acquired.

In Today’s Episode with Sheel Mohnot, We Discuss:

1. VC Needs to Change:

  • Why does Sheel believe that VCs should have smaller funds?
  • What are the biggest misalignments between founders and VCs today?
  • What are the biggest points of friction between VCs and their LPs today?

2. VC in 10 Years Time:

  • Who are going to be the winners in venture in 10 years time?
  • Who are going to be the losers?
  • Will micro-funds be bigger or smaller as a segment of the ecosystem?
  • Will solo-GPs be bigger or smaller? Were they a zero-interest rate phenomenon?

3. The Errors of a Bull Market:

  • What does Sheel believe are the single biggest mistakes made by VCs between 2020-2022?
  • Did Sheel take liquidity off the table in the last few years? What have been some of his biggest lessons on when to sell?
  • How does Sheel evaluate the flood of capital into emerging markets in the bull market? What happens now?
  • Fintech is also experiencing the same challenging time, how does Sheel assess what is happening in the fintech financing market today?

4. Building a Fund: Lessons, Mistakes and Advice Scaling to $225M:

  • What are the single biggest mistakes Sheel and Jake have made in the fun scaling? How has it impacted their mindset?
  • What does Sheel know now about fund management that he wishes he had known at the beginning?
  • What advice does Sheel give to emerging managers today, raising their first and second funds?

Listen Here:

Sheel is a Founding Partner of BTV, which also runs The Mint, the pre-seed program for fintech founders. They accept applications and introductions on a rolling basis. Sheel was also Co-Founder with successful exits from FeeFighters and Innovative Auctions.