Why We Invested in Plumery

Why We Invested in Plumery
Originally published by Nihar on LinkedIn here.

Thrilled to announce our investment in Plumery!

At Better Tomorrow Ventures, we think there is a massive opportunity for fintech companies to sell modern technology stacks into traditional banks, making processes more efficient and products more competitive.

While we think that disruptors will do well, there are tremendous opportunities in enabling traditional banks to be more digitally savvy.

At a time when we are seeing an increasing (and in some cases, renewed) consumer trust in large legacy, regional and community banks, its critical that these incumbent players are set up well for the next few decades.

Further, with enhanced regulatory oversight (whether in the US or other markets), we get the sense that banks are uniquely well positioned to continue manufacturing financial products and experiences in congruence with the fintech upstarts we continue to invest in.

That said, manufacturing a financial product is one thing, distributing it is another. And that’s where Plumery steps in.

With Plumery, banks are not only tackling their (lack of) digital readiness, but are also positioning themselves as viable contenders to compete with their own best in class digital experiences. 

We’re thrilled to be backing a seasoned financial services and fintech leader in Ben Goldin. With his depth of experience in product and engineering leadership, with over 10 years at Mambu and Backbase, we are confident in his ability to position Plumery as a market leader in the space.

Great to join Jonathan Userovici at HeadlineAnthony Danon at CocoaSeedcamp and several others in this exciting journey!

Nihar is a Principal at BTV, which also runs The Mint, the pre-seed program for fintech founders. They accept applications and introductions on a rolling basis. Nihar was also Co-Founder of Wizely.